About Coviello Computer Services


Coviello Computer Services started in 1982 selling workstations in West Wales to home users and SMBs. When Microsoft launched Small Business Server 4.0 it was seen that a market was there for the many small and startup businesses who needed a professional IT infrastructure but could not afford a dedicated IT department, so Coviello Computer Services entered that market.


Since then, through all of the incarnations of SBS, we have followed that path, installing and maintaining Microsoft Server and SBS for startup businesses and SMBs. We have spread our customer base to include European customers, and as the SMBs have grown, we have also spread to support satellite offices as far away as Singapore.


Although the core of our business is now SBS maintainance, upgrades and virtual network administration, we still are very happy to help and support the customers that started us in business, namely the small farms and home users in rural West Wales. We are also happy to pick up a select few new clients, but will not allow ourselves to grow too large, which would mean that we cannot offer the expected service to our loyal, existing clients.